Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite Essie Nail Polishes + How I Grew My Nails!

Hello lovelies! I'm enjoying sunny days here on my winter break

Liquid gold!
So lately I've been a little obsessed with Essie Nail Polishes. Essie not only has the CUTEST packaging but the quality of these polishes are very good! 

More time come ;)
 I am VERY proud of my little collection! With a good top coat, these last a pretty long time on my nails 
without chipping! I do have to admit that the darker colors are a bit more pigmented than the lighter ones. You have to apply a few more coats with the lighter colors than you would with the darker. It's A-Okay though! I recommend these beautiful colors to you guys:

1.) Essie in "Boxer Shorts"

This is a BEAUTIFUL shade of purple! It's a couple shade lighter than your average periwinkle. I only need one coat to cover my entire nail! This was one of Essie's "Fall" polishes but you can definitely wear this year round! 

2.) Essie in "Turquoise & Caicos"
Can I just say that this is the BEST summer polish EVER!? It's SO tropical! I wear this all the time during the Summer. This color is a light turquoise The only problem I have with this nail polish is that it's VERY runny and VERY sheer. I have to apply three coats of this just to match the color on the bottle. It's a price I am willing to pay for the gorgeous outcome 

3.) Essie in "Eternal Optimist"
This color is the one of the prettiest pinks! It's a mixture between a nude and a pink. Great for the Spring! This polish also tends to be a little streaky but with patience and a few coats, the end result is gorgeous! I wear this color a LOT because it looks so great with dainty rings. 

 My Nail Growth:

So my nails might not be the longest but they are VERY durable and have grown a lot since the past year. My nails used to always break and I would always have to keep them super short (shorter than what is shown!) My doctor mentioned that B vitamins are not only great for health but it does wonders to hair & nails. After taking vitamin B for the past couplof months, my nails are not only stronger but they grow so much faster! Please ask your doctor if you could take Vitamin B!

 I also keep my hands and nails hydrated at ALL times! Believe it or not, but keeping you nails hydrated prevents them from getting rough! I like to use Nivea as a hand cream:

On the topic of nails, I also want to feature my good friends recent nail look. I think it's adorable! 


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  1. Turquoise & Caicos and the pink one are great :) Nice essie collection :)